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First Peoples


Title of the work

"My Roots". Decorative chest.


Jeanne-Mance Ambroise

As a young child, Jeanne-Mance learned about native art by watching her mother and other craftspeople. She continued to learn by observation until adulthood and, from 1985 to 1996, she attended craft training programs, perfecting her knowledge of various crafts such as sewing and soapstone carving. Her versatility and openness to novelty has led to the application of a combination of contemporary and traditional knowledge and skills to her art which she exhibits in cultural and tourism events. Jeanne-Mance recently participated in a permanent exhibit project for the Shaputuan Museum in Uashat.


(2005) Cowhide, embroidery thread, beads, sculpted birch, flexible veneer, polyester stuffing.
"I wanted to make a chest for storing clothes. I used a drawing of the forest, which I made at Moisie River, to create the embroidered motif which represents the outline of trees against the sky at sunset. A fall scenery has been created by the colour selection. The bead embroidered pattern on the lid represents tree roots and we can also depict a sun in the motif. Trees are dependent on the sun in order to live."