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A giant jigsaw puzzle

Elementary Level - First Cycle

What is my favourite game? Do we play with the same games today as those in the past? We will conduct a survey with our elders to help answer this last question!

How do I feel after having played outside? How does my body react to an entire day without playing? Is it possible for me to spend an entire day without playing?

Together, create a giant jigsaw puzzle based on the theme of our favourite games as well as those of our parents or grandparents.

Students individually draw themselves playing their favourite game, while thinking of the emotions felt while playing and the feeling of well-being the game gives them. Students use oil pastel techniques.

And it is time to become detectives. Students go searching for information. They interrogate their grandparents, an aunt, uncle, neighbour, or community elder on games of the past. Students ask them what their favourite game was as a child, and, together, they draw the elder's favourite game.

Students participate in setting up the giant jigsaw puzzle where each drawing is a part of the whole.

Download PDF file - A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle.pdf (174 Kb)

Elementary level

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